Where do we go from here? A blank sheet of paper and a blank mind
Published on November 24, 2004 By Steve Pitts In Welcome

I'm really not sure where this is going to go, but after discussions in the office today about failing memories and technical information that is never to hand when you need to use it, I thought I'd start a Blog as a publicly-accessible means of documenting various bits of information that might otherwise disappear off the face of the planet (or the part of it that I allegedly inhabit, at least).

Of course, there is then the question of why bother with a blog rather than some other recording medium (like a notepad, perhaps)?? The biggest advantage is that a blog is (probably) accessible from anywhere that I'm likely to need the information, and can be updated or extended as well as simply read, and that as a useful side effect it places the information in the public domain, so that it might serve to jog someone else's memory as well as my own. The latter aspect does mean that care has to be taken over what is visible to everyone and what is kept private, but that is generally an obvious distinction.

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